I recently got an excellent question from a student in my Complete SharePoint Course on Udemy.

QUESTION: “Is it possible to change the tweak the theme colors of my SharePoint site to match corporate colors?”

The default, out of the box, SharePoint site comes with a standard theme that specifies the colors used, among other default settings. Microsoft does give, a user with proper permissions, the ability to change the default theme to a variety of other out of the box themes. Each of these themes have a variety of color palettes that you can choose from in order to “customize” your site.

The ability to change a sites theme is found under the SITE SETTINGS –> CHANGE THE LOOK…

Here you will find a variety of themes to customize the look of your SharePoint site.

Each theme comes with a few settings that can be modified to customize your site, including a variety of color palettes.

Each of the color choices are predefined. If you would like to customize the colors beyond the preset palettes you’ll need to take a look at another option.


Back to the original question, customizing the site colors based on corporate colors. The answer is YES!

Microsoft created a free tool called, SharePoint Color Palette Tool. You can visit the Microsoft download page here. This tool provides an intuitive interface to creating your own SharePoint color palettes called, “.spcolor” files. These files contain the color codes that dictate the colors found in the various elements that make up your SharePoint site.

The application provides a preview of a standard SharePoint site with options on the left to change the colors of the various elements of the SharePoint site. Once colors have been customized you can then export the changes to a “.spcolor” file that can then be uploaded into the theme settings of your SharePoint site to be used in your SharePoint theme.

There are other tools that can be used as, such as SharePoint Designer, which is also free, but takes a bit more web development knowledge to get what you are looking for.