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Monthly Archives: December 2016

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Hiding Excel Worksheets with VBA

Got another great question from a student in my Excel VBA UserForms course on Udemy. QUESTION: I have built and Excel UserForm that allows users to interact with worksheets within a workbook. I don’t want the users to interact with the worksheets directly.…


Microsoft Excel Format as Table Feature

Microsoft Excel’s FORMAT AS TABLE feature places common list commands at your fingertips and automates many Excel list features for you. Think about it for a moment… What are some Excel features you use when working with a list of records. To help…


Excel Experts Share the Best Excel Tips of 2016

John Michaloudis, of MyExcelOnline.com, put together a great podcast showcasing 23 of the best Microsoft Excel Tips of 2016 from 23 Microsoft Excel Experts. Click the link below to enjoy the podcast and learn some of the hottest Microsoft Excel tips. Take a…


Creating Interactive PivotTables with PivotTable Slicers

Microsoft Excel PivotTables are one of my absolute favorite features found in Excel. Excel PivotTables allow for relatively quick reporting on Excel list or even external data. In the below example I was able to take 800+ detailed records about customer orders and…


Creating a Unique Value for an Excel VLOOKUP()

Microsoft Excels VLOOKUP Function is perhaps one of the most popular, more advanced, functions. Any time the conversation turns to Excel functions, during my live Excel classes, VLOOKUP tends to be one of the more sought after topics to learn. A brief introduction…

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