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Microsoft Access DSUM() Function with Multiple Criteria

Another great question from a student in my Access VBA Introduction course on Udemy. QUESTION: “Can you help me understand how to use the DSUM() function, in Microsoft Access, with multiple criteria using VBA?” If you are unfamiliar with the DSUM() function here…


Dynamic Excel Charts with Excel’s Offset() Function

I got another great question from a student of mine in my “Excel with Top Microsoft Excel Hacks” course on Udemy. In Lecture #24, Hack #22, I demonstrate how to use Excel’s Offset() Function to create a dynamic cell range for an Excel…


Creating Interactive Dashboards with Microsoft Power BI Desktop

If you haven’t heard of Microsoft Power BI, you’re in for a real treat. “Power BI Desktop puts visual analytics at your fingertips with intuitive report authoring. Drag-and-drop to place content exactly where you want it on the flexible and fluid canvas. Quickly…


Microsoft Office Specialist Exam (MOS) Information

The Microsoft Office Specialist exams provide one of the best opportunities to stand out from the average Microsoft Office user. Below are some quick facts about the various Office Exams available through Microsoft Certification program. Short Blurb from the Microsoft Official MOS site.…


Passing Values to an Excel VBA Procedure

I recently got a question from a student in my Excel VBA UserForms course on Udemy.  I love it when someone is able to take the material that I’ve created, in one of my courses, and look for ways to applied the concepts…


Automate Monthly Excel PivotTables with VBA

Another great question from a student of mine on one of my favorite Microsoft Excel features, PivotTables. QUESTION: “I were to receive a huge volume of data in Excel on a monthly basis and every time I have to do a pivot table on a…



I recently helped a student of mine with automating a series of tasks within Microsoft Excel with VBA. The tasks included; Identifying from 20,000+ line items which items where still in stock. (Used a VLOOKUP to compare current list with INSTOCK items) Removing…


Create a Folder with Excel VBA

A few posts back I wrote about managing files within a local directory from within Excel using VBA. Today I came across a great question, related question, in one of the Excel LinkedIn groups I participate in. This Excel user was looking for a…

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