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Monthly Archives: August 2016

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Automate the IFERROR() Function with VBA

Another great question from a student in one of my courses on Udemy. QUESTION:¬† How can Excel automate the process of including the IFERROR() function into a column that contains formulas? Imagine you have an Excel list… In this list, you have a…


Comparing Excel Lists with VBA

Another great question from a student in my Master Excel VBA course on Udemy. QUESTION: Using VBA, how can you compare two Excel lists line by line? For example, you may have two lists of membership records from two different years. One for…


Using Excel as a Document Archiving Management Tool

I have been getting so many great questions from the students of my various courses on Udemy. The most recent question that I would like to share with you asks… How can I automate managing a large¬†list of documents, stored in a folder…


Automate Sending an Email from Excel with Attachment

I recently received an excellent question from a student in my “Excel with Top Microsoft Excel Hacks” course I published on Udemy. Question: How can I automate sending an email from Excel, while attaching the active workbook to the email? My first thought…

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