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Monthly Archives: June 2016

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Creating a Table of Contents in Microsoft Excel

Each Microsoft Excel file can contain up to 255 Worksheets. With that much data in a single Excel file it can be a bit daunting navigating to the data that you are looking for. With just a little bit of Excel VBA you…


Highlight Active Row in Excel with VBA

I was recently invited to participate in an educational conference for a group of Utah State employees. I gave a 2 hour demo session on working with various features of¬†Microsoft Excel to this group of 200+ attendees. I had a lot of fun…


Populate a Microsoft Excel VBA UserForm ComboBox with Worksheet Names

One aspect of teaching online courses, that I enjoy, is getting questions from curious students on the course material and beyond. In my course, Master Microsoft Excel Macros and VBA, ¬†in Section, I demonstrate how to populate a Combo Box, on an Excel…


Microsoft Excel VBA Procedure Types

I recently had an excellent question asked in one of my Microsoft Excel Macros and VBA courses I published on Udemy and I would like to share the question and response with you. Question: In Microsoft Excel VBA what is the differences between…

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