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Monthly Archives: May 2016

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Sharing Documents Saved in OneDrive

OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud based document storage environment, provides you quick, easy access to your documents from virtually anywhere on just about an device on the market today. OneDrive also allows you to share these important documents with others. You can share your OneDrive…


Password Protecting an Excel Document

Password protecting an Excel document is an easy, effective way of securing your Excel data. By password protecting an Excel workbook users must now have the password in order to open and edit the document. The steps are simple. Open the document to…


​Apply Criteria to the Excel SUMPRODUCT() Function

The SUMPRODUCT() Function is great! If you watched lecture #20 you saw that the function allows you to specify 2 or more ranges of data and it will multiple the 2 ranges (Arrays of data) and sum up the results to give you a…

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