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Top Lesser Known Microsoft Word Shortcuts and Tips

Microsoft Word is full of shortcuts that will boost your productivity. Below is a quick list of the most common shortcut keys. CTRL + S —– SAVE CTRL + Z —– UNDO CTRL + C —– COPY CTRL + V —– PASTE CTRL…


How to Create a Microsoft Excel Timeline (Gantt Chart)

I got another excellent question from a student in my Complete Microsoft Excel course. Take a look at the video below on how to create a simple Excel Timeline using a list and an Excel Stacked Bar Chart.   Download the exercise file here:…


Microsoft Excel – How to Move and Copy Worksheets

The video below is part of my Complete Microsoft Excel training course on Udemy, Excel with Microsoft Excel from Beginner to Advanced.


Microsoft Excel 2016 New Get and Transform feature

In my Complete Microsoft Excel Course on Udemy, Excel from Beginner to Advanced, I recorded some instruction on working with Microsoft Excel’s powerful Power Query and PowerPivot Add-Ins. When Excel 2013 was released, Microsoft made some changes and the 2 Add-Ins are no…


Creating an Excel Balance Sheet Using Format as Table

Another great question from a student in my Complete Excel training course on Udemy. Download the example file to try yourself: ExcelBalanceSheet-01


Microsoft Excel Array Formulas

Below is a quick video demonstration on Microsoft Excel Array Formulas. Arrays, simply put, are a collection of data. For example you may have a column of data in an Excel document. All those values, in range C2:C27, are a collection of data…


CONTEST TIME – Microsoft Office Specialist Practice Exam

It’s time for another CONTEST! I’ve been getting a lot of students in my Udemy courses sending me message expressing interest in taking one of the Microsoft Office Specialist exams (MOS). So, I’ve decided to run a contest to help and inspire those interested.…


Microsoft Excel Dynamic Validation Lists

Its been a while, but I’m back with another great questions from a student in my Microsoft Excel course on Udemy. QUESTION: “Is it possible to make one validation column dependent upon choices from another validation column?” Here’s an example; Imagine you have…


Excel Conditional Formatting with the MOD() Function

Another great question from a student in one of my Microsoft Excel courses. QUESTION: What are some good uses of Excel’s MOD() function? WHAT IS THE MOD() FUNCTION? Before I go into a use for Excel’s MOD() Function, let’s make sure we understand…


Hiding Excel Worksheets with VBA

Got another great question from a student in my Excel VBA UserForms course on Udemy. QUESTION: I have built and Excel UserForm that allows users to interact with worksheets within a workbook. I don’t want the users to interact with the worksheets directly.…

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