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Modify SharePoint Theme Colors

I recently got an excellent question from a student in my Complete SharePoint Course on Udemy. QUESTION: “Is it possible to change the tweak the theme colors of my SharePoint site to match corporate colors?” The default, out of the box, SharePoint site comes…


Sharing Documents Saved in OneDrive

OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud based document storage environment, provides you quick, easy access to your documents from virtually anywhere on just about an device on the market today. OneDrive also allows you to share these important documents with others. You can share your OneDrive…


Creating Custom SharePoint Workflows with SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Workflows are huge. The ability to automate a business process, such as submitting a document for approval, ultimately saves time and money. All you need to do is setup the initial Workflow and SharePoint will take over from there. In Section 8…


A Little SharePoint Humor

During the release of SharePoint 2010, Microsoft put out a website called “I Use SharePoint”. Today the site no longer exists as it did then, but it was a source of several great SharePoint 2010 resources, including the videos below. These video take…


SharePoint Introduction

SharePoint – A Quick Intro on How to Work with a SharePoint Site So, you want to learn Microsoft SharePoint. Maybe you’re just starting out with SharePoint. Maybe you just landed a new job and the office you work at uses SharePoint to maintain all…

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